Lindsey Graham says “Trump deserves Nobel”, then gives Kim Jong Un this Stern Warning.

Fox News screenshot

Friday morning Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina appeared on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.”  Graham, who, along with his best friend, Senator John McCain, has been known as a Never-Trumper in the past, had nothing but praise for President Trump.  Graham even went as far as to say that “President Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize”.

Senator Graham also gave North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un, a stern warning not to mess with  President Donald J. Trump, saying,”The worst thing Kim Jong Un could do is play Trump.”

While discussing the upcoming meeting between President Trump and North Korea, Senator Graham tells Fox and Friends’ Ainsley Earhardt, “It may not happen, but it the biggest change since the end of the hostilities,” and goes on to say that, “The fact that the North Korean and South Korean president met and they vow to end the war, what happened? Donald Trump convinced North Korea and China he was serious about bringing about change.”

(h/t: Newsmax)

Here is the clip from “Fox and Friends.”  If you agree with Senator Graham, please SHARE this with all your “Trump friends”.



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