Hillary Clinton Reveals True Colors For Entire Nation To See And It’s Not Pretty


Hillary Clinton is a disgrace. She ruined the Democratic party with her husband and their pay to play culture that led directly to them taking the money and selling out America with NAFTA.

The crime bill that decimated the inner cities…how much did they get from the private prison industry for that one?

The way they can hide their tracks in our system of legalized bribery makes it impossible to find out how much they really grifted but the sum must be enormous.

If you add all their friends (like the Podesta’s) grifts the sum must be astronomical. In other words, Hillary’s a disgrace.

But some things should be sacred, like teaching American children proper respect for our country, the flag, our values.

Some things must be above the political fray. Some things like patriotism, especially when children are young, should be reinforced not torn to shreds.

Our children will have plenty of time to be indoctrinated to hate America when they get to college and are assaulted with failed liberal ideas, do we really need to confuse them when they are 11?

From Fox News:

Hillary Clinton offered another endorsement on Wednesday — to an 11-year-old student who made headlines for kneeling during the Pledge of Allegiance.

Clinton tweeted in response to a NowThis report on Mariana Taylor, a Maryland sixth-grader who refused to stand for her classroom’s recitation of the pledge, instead adopting the form of protest used by NFL players. 

“It takes courage to exercise your right to protest injustice, especially when you’re 11!  Keep up the good work Mariana,” Clinton tweeted.


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