Hillary Is Crapping Out! Look What Is Wrong With Her Pant Suit


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THIS COULD GET MESSY… The first debate between Mr. Trump and Hillary Clinton is scheduled for September 26 at Hofstra University.

What is wrong with Hillary Clinton?  DEPENDS on who you ask because she won’t release her medical records but will all know she has health issues.   She is a SICK woman

While Donald Trump has gone from town to town doing rallies for 10,000,15,000, even  20,000+ supporters at a time and doing press conferences and media interviews virtually every day. Hillary Clinton is reported to have taken seven of the last 15 days off to “rest”.

SHE LIES AND LIES!   She lies around telling lies.  Lying while lying.

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Much has been reported about Hillary Clinton’s apparent health issues. She has had blackouts on stage, has a handler dressed as a secret service (a trained medic) with her at all times who carries an EpiPen in case she has a seizure.
This same gentleman was shown in a recent photograph along with four other Clinton handlers helping  “tote” Mrs. Clinton up a “flight” of about four (4) stairs. This same gentleman is also shown in a video  rushing out onto stage when Hillary almost blacks out during a speech.

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We know she is had seizures, blackouts and suffered from double vision for which she had to wear special corrective glasses.  Many have speculated that it may be Parkinson’s disease or MS. Whatever Hillary has we know something just ain’t right and she is hiding it from the American people who have the right to know before they vote for president of the United States of America.
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There is been speculation for some time as to whether Ms. Clinton has to wear adult diapers for some type of bladder or bowel control issue related to her health issues. A lot of the speculation goes back to the debate in December when Mrs. Clinton returned LATE to the stage in a LIVE presidential debate. It was later learned that she refused to share the bathroom with a female Martin O’Malley associate. At that time there was speculation that perhaps she had something to hide.

Later people began to talk about the way her specially tailored clothes look as if they are designed to hide something,  Like…say..a DIAPER!?!?

The latest clue comes from the latest WikiLeaks “data dump” (no pun intended) this week. Apparently WIKILEAKS was able hack into her campaign trail laptop and see all her google search results.  One of the searches that really stood out was for DURABLE ADULT DIAPERS.  Not just adult diapers, DURABLE adult diapers.

If you are squeamish or ultrasensitive you may want to just skip watching this video.  I’m sure you already get the point.



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Is this good news for the Trump campaign?   I guess it just DEPENDS….

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