Hillary Runs Her Mouth On Colbert, Backfires In Most Embarrassing Way (Video)


Hillary Clinton is bitter and just cannot shut up. Look, she lost she needs to go away and let some other leaders take over.

She failed and her time is up. But no, she must insert herself into the affairs of the nation and in doing so only serves to prove Trump was correct and America was 100% right in selecting him.

Can you image if she won? As reported by Breitbart: 

Republicans are “trying to rush this through to the detriment of the American public who deserves to have answers to whatever charges might be presented,” she said.

“So I’m hoping that at some point there will be an agreement to have an investigation,” she added. “It would be very easy for the FBI to go back and finish the background investigation, to investigate these charges.”

The FBI has already completed six background checks on Kavanaugh.

“And, you know, maybe find out there’s nothing to them, maybe find out there’s something to them, but at least have that investigation completed. And I think that’s what is a fair request, for due process to be asked for.”

Colbert also brought up Merrick Garland, who was President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee after the 2016 death of Antonin Scalia.

“Do you think the nomination process in general is irreparably damaged following the Republicans not allowing Merrick Garland to be heard?” Colbert asked.

“Well, it’s one of the reasons I think a lot of Americans are just fed up with the political process,” Clinton answered, adding, “Because in a democracy, you have to have at least enough trust to be able to work with each other and try to solve difficult problems.”

Referring directly to Garland, she said, “When the Republicans refused to give a distinguished judge, appointed by President Obama, even the courtesy of meetings let alone a hearing, that sent such a terrible message.”

Enter Juanita Broaddrick to hammer the final nail in Hillary’s failed legacy.


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