HILLARY WILL START A WAR: Is Your Daughter Prepared To Fight? (VIDEO) Powerful and SCARY Video Shows Why We MUST Vote TRUMP.


One of the most overlooked issues in this 2016 presidential race is the differences between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton regarding  the military and going to war.  Most people do not realize that Hillary Clinton is much more hawkish than Mr. Trump.  In fact Hillary is 10 times more likely to start a war than Mr.  Trump. (SEE VIDEO BELOW)


What makes it even worse is that Hillary Clinton may start a war  just to cover up some other crime or mistake she makes.  The only person Crooked Hillary cares about is Crooked Hillary and she would have no problem sacrificing thousands of young American lives just for her “convenience”. (SEE VIDEO BELOW)

This New video by the awesome Patriot’s at  INFOWARS Nails it!  Thank you Alex Jones. Please SHARE this folks.  We’re running out of time!


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