Hollywood Hero! Conservative Hollywood Patriot Just Revealed the Ugly TRUTH about Obama


No one in liberal Hollywood has more common sense and bigger b*lls, than actor James Woods. Over the last two years, Woods has become a conservative hero on Twitter.

Woods calls the liberals out for their corrupt BS, time and time, again, and he’s not afraid to tweet about it. And, tweet he does.

He has been critical of Obama since he was president, but as more and more evidence of the corruption and crimes of Obama and his administration surface, the more critical (and truthful) Woods gets. (Important Video Clip Below)

On Monday, after the revelation that Iran has never complied with the deal they made with the U.S., in any way shape or form, James Woods released the following statement:

The Obama administration is like a stain on American history. How could he and his henchmen have been so gullible, without having been willfully so. The “Manchurian Candidate” trolls are starting to look like geniuses. This Obama was really a bad guy.

(Important Video Clip Below)

Woods did not stop there, tweeting this last night:

The biggest liar in the history of the American presidency and a potted plant behind him and to his right.

Make sure you watch them video clip above and SHARE this with every PATRIOT you know!


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