Hollywood Hero SLAMS Hillary for being a DRUNK. You can’t make this stuff up…


No one in liberal Hollywood has more common sense and bigger b*lls, than actor James Woods.  Over the last two years, Woods has become a conservative hero on Twitter.

Woods calls the liberals out for their corrupt BS, time and time, again, and he’s not afraid to tweet about it.  And, tweet he does.

In case you missed it, Crooked Hillary was the commencement speaker at the Yale University yesterday.  She was acting really strange and telling the students how she had not gotten over her loss to Trump.  Then she pulled out a Russian hat and could not get it on her head.

When FOX News tweeted an article with a video of Hillary’s hat fiasco, James Woods just couldn’t help but BLAST her, tweeting:

Did she wear it as she guzzled her daily fifth of Russian vodka?

Here are links to a few more of James Woods’ greatest Twitter Hits:

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