HOLY COW! INCREDIBLE LIES (VIDEO) Almost On Hillary’s Level: Donna Brazile, Head of DNC, Thinks the American People Are Stupid.


Every single person in America needs to see this. This woman with the blue suit and hair also needs to have a nose over a foot long (as in Pinocchio) because she is one of the biggest liars I’ve every seen .  I mean she is a “Hillary Classed” liar and that is a liar of the highest magnitude.  (VIDEO BELOW)

Donna Brazile is the Chair of the Democratic National Committee.  She received that job because the former Chairperson, Debbie Waserman Schultz, was FIRED once e-mails surfaced showing that the DNC literally cheated Bernie Sanders out of the Democratic nomination.  She is a fitting leader for one of the most corrupt versions of any major political party in modern history. (VIDEO BELOW)  


Just like Hillary Clinton, this woman thinks people will believe what she’s saying just becuase somrthing comes out of her mouth.  The only problem is she is not anywhere  close to as good at it as Hillary Clinton is and anyone with a brain can telling she is lying.

This lunatic has the audacity to:

1) Claim that the O’keefe videos are doctored and deny that the Dems were even part of the violent protests in Chicago and other places

2) Deny that Bob Creamer, the criminal mastermind who was outed in the  Okeefe Project Veritas videos, was fired. “HE’S STEPPING ASIDE.”   LMAO!!  Can you believe that the crimal Bob Creamer actually visited the White House 342 times met with Obama personally over 40 times. This corruption is unprecedented in US history.

3) Deny that she received ANY debate question from CNN AND (get this) says all the Wikileaks documents are made up and falsified.  Jake Tapper, at CNN, has already admitted that Brazile received that debate question and apologized on behalf of CNN.  As for the Wikileaks documents, not one document has EVER been  unauthenticated in their 10 year history and ,until now, no one in the DNC or Hillary Clinton campaign has denied authenticity.

“Kelly (she keeps calling Megan Kelly by her last name) since I play straight up, and I’ll play straight up with YOU…I DID NOT receive any questions from CNN, let’s just be very clear……….  Kelly, Kelly Kelly… I I I I you know as a christian woman I understand persecution but I will not sir here and be persecution because your information is totally false, What your what your what your telling the American people Podesta’s emails were stolen your like a thief that came into the night”, Donna Brazile

Liar Liar pants on fire! She’s a huge liar but not as skilled as Hillary. 🙂


We can finally end months of speculation over Hillary Clinton’s health situation and the nature of her illness. Wikileaks has released a new batch of documents confirming her illness. No it’s not dementia, Parkinson’s disease or even related to her fall and concussion she suffered last  last year.  Hillary Clinton is suffering from…



Type one Lieabetes is a chronic disease.  It can be kept under control but only with DUCT TAPE and that will not help Hillary in the debate.   The seizures, stumbling and inability to stand up for prolonged periods are NOT caused by Lieabetes.  That must be related to one of Hillary’s other health issues.


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