HOLY GUACAMOLE!! FBI Investigates Socialist Bernie Sanders’ Capitalist Wife for FRAUD! You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

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Bernie, Bernie, Bernie!  Jane, Jane Jane!  Shame, shame shame!

Bernie Sanders, the socialist who believes in “spreading the wealth” but owns three houses and drives a $172,000 sports car, is in the news again. This time he’s not making news by running for president. This time it’s actually his wife who is making news by being the target of an investigation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Ouch! (VIDEO BELOW)

If the Democratic national committee had not cheated Bernie Sanders out of the Democratic presidential nomination, we would’ve heard about the story a long time ago. They did and we didn’t. (VIDEO BELOW)

Bernie driving his $172,000 Audi sports car. Will you “spread the wealth” and let me borrow it Bern?

The Daily Caller reported Saturday that Jane Sanders, Bernie Sanders wife, is being investigated by the FBI for defrauding banks in a fraudulent land deal for a college she ran.  The college ultimately filed bankruptcy and had to shut down.  (VIDEO BELOW)

According to The Daily Caller:

Justice Department officials and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have investigated the wife of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders — and may still be investigating her — over her role in the possibly fraudulent acquisition of nearly $7 million in tax-exempt bonds when she was the president of Burlington College.

An extremely ambitious expansion and fundraising effort spearheaded by Jane Sanders ended up bankrupting the tiny, private and now-defunct school in Burlington, Vermont. It closed its doors — suddenly and permanently — in 2016.

Emails obtained through an open records request by The Vermont Journalism Trust reveal that FBI agents and the US Attorney’s Office in Vermont have been analyzing Burlington College records for over a year. Also, the feds have subpoenaed at least one former Burlington College employee.

(source: The Daily Caller)         (VIDEO BELOW)

*** A socialist with three houses, a $172,000 car and a wife that may be committing bank fraud. If they were conservative’s the CLM (Crooked Liberal Media) would be all over this. Since they are not the liberal liars will try to hide this.  Please do your part and SHARE this NOW!
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