HOLY GUACAMOLE! James Woods CRUSHES NFL with EPIC Cartoon Tweet

Swamp Drain

Conservative patriots in Hollywood are a very rare breed.   Most Hollywood stars are flaming liberals, and the majority of the conservative ones lay low and keep their opinions to themselves so they won’t be ostracized by the Hollywood elites.

Not James Woods, however.  James wood is THE man!  If you are on Twitter, you must follow James Woods.  He is a super-intelligent conservative, who calls things the way he sees them, and never, I mean never, holds back.

Last night, Woods posted this cartoon that epitomizes the pathetic thing that the NFL has become.

Whatever the issue, Mr. Woods is not afraid to call out liberals, show his support for President Trump or, as in this case , call out the un-patriotic NFL Kneelers.

James woods says screw political correctness!  He calls them them way he sees them and we see them the way he does.

And James has been standing up for our flag and country since the beginning of  this NFL fiasco!

If you stand with James Woods, President Trump and patriots across America, please SHARE this.   The Crooked liberal Media will try to distort the truth.


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