Holy Sh**! Hillary Campaign Bus Dumps S**t ALL Over the Road (VIDEO)… I Sh*t You NOT! Hazmat Team and EPA Had To Come Out. Creek Poisoned. Watch Local News Video!


This is unbelievable.  Right where where I live!  This is just 2 miles from my office.  Donald Trump would not dump human feces all over the road.  Who in there right mind would vote for a candidate like Hillary Clinton who is not only a lying criminal but dumps human feces all over the road?  Just sayin!!! (VIDEO BELOW)


Eyewitnesses to this disgusting crime took pictures of Hillary Clinton’s bus dumping waste right into the storm drain.  When the police arrived there was toilet paper everywhere and a horrible stench.  A HAZMAT Team had to be called as well as the local EPA.

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It’s almost like the Clinton Team is FU to Georgia since we will be voting Trump and are not a swing state.  Either that or they just want to show that they can get away with absolutely ANYTHING!!

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This is not one of my dumb, silly little “satire” pieces. This is really happening Trumpsters.  You can’t make this SH*T Up!


I could not resist making a Silly photo though!  🙂

Donald Trump is laughing.  We hope you are too!!!!!



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