Holy Smokes! Elizabeth Warren Vows not to take Money from NRA, but WAIT…She forgot to mention something.


The CLM (Crooked Liberal Media), and most Libtoads, in general,  seem to have big problem with facts lately.  They don’t like them, and rarely use them.

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) seems to one of worst culprits when it comes to avoiding facts. Warren, the same phony “native American”, that faked her race to get a cushy job at Harvard, teaching one class for $300,000, announced this week that she would NOT accept any donations from the NRA (National Rifle Association) in her upcoming election.

That’a all well and good, but Warren, aka Pocahontas, left out several very important, and pertinent, facts.  The NRA did not offer to donate to Warren’s campaign, they never have in the past, and never will in the future.

Warren has never been a fan of the NRA but the NRA has never been a fan of hers either.  In February she Tweeted:

I’m going to fight the at every turn until we have sensible gun policies that keep our country safe. If Wayne LaPierre thinks we’re terrifying, he ain’t seen nothing yet. Chip in now to show the NRA we’re fighting back.

Townhall reports:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the Native American* Democrat from Massachusetts, has boldly pledged to refuse to accept donations from the National Rifle Association. Which really does not change anything because, according to OpenSecrets.org, the NRA has never donated to Sen. Warren in the first place. 

Still, Sen. Warren is being praised for this decision announced via NowthisNews.com in which she proudly proclaims, “It’s time we strip the NRA of its stranglehold over our children’s lives.” She is technically the first Senator to refuse to accept NRA money.

I think “Pocahontas,” as President Trump calls her, has a SCREW LOOSE, and I really hope she runs for President in 2020.  That will be a ton of fun.  Let us know what YOU think in the comments below, and please SHARE this with all your “TRUMP” friends.  Thanks!


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