HOLY WOW!! (VIDEO) Sick and SCARY “Reality Check” Just the FACTS on PIZZAGATE. CBS’ Ben Swan Presents the Facts…. Judge for yourself.

CBS Youtube screenshot

We never reported anything on Pizzagate during the election and we want to make it clear that we have no first hand knowledge of anything presented here.  That being said, Ben Swan is a top professional CBS Investigative Reporter.  He is highly credible and would not present any “FAKE NEWS”on his show.  The facts he is presenting are all things we had seen before during the election cycle.  Check this out and tell us what you think…. (VIDEO BELOW)

CBS screenshot

John Podesta and his brother Tony

CBS Screenshot
CBS Screenshot

FAKE NEWS?  We don’t think so!  It looks like some facts that need further investigation to us.  Tell us what you think. 🙂

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