HUGE!!! (VIDEO) TRUMP FAVORABILITY RATINGS: Trump’s Favorability Surge is Largest since Ronald Reagan….including Reagan.


Can you say HUGE?? How about YUGE?!?!  If you’re not a hardcore Trumpster (loyal die hard Trump supporter) then you may not be familiar with that spelling of the word.  Either way you spell it, it spells success for the Trump transition and the country in general.  Donald Trump will “Make America Great Again” and more and more Americans are coming to believe it every day.   (VIDEO BELOW)

Here is Pollster Frank Luntz discussing Donald Trump’s surge in favorability with Neil Cavuto on FOX News.  No FAKE News here folks, just straight up facts. 


(source: Fox News)

Frank Luntz from Transcript:

“Well, I went back and took a look at the change from the moment of election until 30 days from that and Donald Trump has had the biggest surge in polling in terms of popularity of anyone who has been elected president since Ronald Reagan. Including Ronald Reagan. It really is significant…that 33 percent to 50 percent is remarkable. So he had started low to begin with so exponentially that that’s a big leap but I where does this aggregate is fine….”

(source: Fox News)


“There is a fundamental change in the expectations and outcome for the average American that nobody anticipated,”

FRANK Luntz 

Dow Jones Industrial Average since Donald Trump’s Victory:

Luntz con’t

“I’m speaking of the people who can’t afford to invest in stocks that may have some small retirement.  These are the working class American it’s been so often forgotten and they’re actually spending and they’re actually looking forward to an amazing Christmas Neil! 

This is going to be the most optimistic Christmas holiday season that this country has had since the election of Barack Obama and that’s eight years they’ve been waiting for this!”



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