Ilhan Omar Demands Lindsey Graham Resign, Lindsey Silences Omar: “I Must be Doing Something Right’


Ilhan Omar called for Senator Lindsey Graham’s resignation and she wasn’t alone. So did Rashida Tlaib.

Omar said, “It’s time for Lindsey Graham to submit his resignation.” She was referring to a report that Graham talked to the Secretary of State in Georgia about mail ballots. He said to Sean Hannity of the story:

“I know what I talked to the secretary of state about, and it wasn’t for him to throw out ballots — that was beyond bizarre and ridiculous.”

Rep. Rashida Tlaib piled on saying that Graham “must resign.”

“Lindsey Graham attempted to commit voter fraud. He can’t get away with it,” she said.

“Actions result in consequences. This unethical and possibly illegal action from a sitting U.S. Senator demands a swift consequence,” she added.

Enter Lindsey Graham:

“I must be doing something right when the most radical liberal politicians and media pundits in America are calling for my resignation.”

“I will continue to try to find common ground where possible, but will not hesitate to vigorously oppose the radical domestic and foreign policy agenda of The Squad and other liberal critics.”

“To those who are trying to silence me – you will fail miserably.”


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