(Video) Illegal Immigrants Invade Rubio’s Office. “I was ready to slug somebody in the head”, says “DREAMER”

source: United We Dream screenshots

A group George Soros-funded illegal activists busted into FL Senator Marco Rubio’s office and started screaming, demanding amnesty.


Once they began using foul language, an office staff member asked them to step out into the hall.  That is is when they really started yelling and chanting.


Breitbart reports:

The leader of the Soros-funded “United We Dream” group loudly explained her demand for amnesty — including amnesty for illegals who dropped out of taxpayer-funded American high-schools — while she was surrounded by roughly 20 supporters, many with video cameras:

It is such a disgrace how my friend Jose who never qualified DACA because he had to drop out, in order to support his single mother. came to this office and spoke with Senator Rubio’s immigration staffer, and they looked him in the eye and said they would vote for Bridge [an amnesty act which provides work-permits, but no green cards]. And I remember how angry Jose was when he told me this, and I was so angry I was ready to slug somebody in the head because I could not believe that somebody had disrespected my friend like that, had looked him in the eye and told him he is not worthy of protection, of living a life with dignity on this world, and this country.

The “Gang of Six” amnesty in the Senate would offer residency or citizenship to roughly 8 million illegals, plus chain-migration relatives, according to the White House. The illegals would likely have won that prize if Rubio’s “Gang of Eight” amnesty had not been rejected by voters in 2014.

A Rubio staffer walked into the group to ask them to leave, saying “Excuse me …”

But the leader of the group immediately began shouting over the staffer’s voice, prompting a well-trained call-and-reply refrain from the group:

(VIDEO BELOW)(source: Breitbart)

Rubio's Office

Posted by Swamp Drain on Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Video courtesy of United We Dream via Breitbart

**  See entire Breitbart report HERE.

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