James Comey Woke Up, Read This, And Immediately Hired A Lawyer

Image Source: news.com.au

James ‘Leaky’ Comey woke up, read this, and called his lawyer. Look, all misdeed will eventually come out and Comey’s got some skeletons in his closet.

Kristian Saucier is one of them.

We all remember when Comey sat on his hands when Hillary illegally avoided FOIA requests with her private server and how that blew up in her face when classified intel was discovered hiding on it.

It was such an arrogant move by Hillary, made worse that it came out during a Presidential campaign.

If she was honest she wouldn’t have even tried to run, but she is dishonest.

And arrogant… just like James Comey.

The reason Saucier was so angry was he spent a year in jail for what most consider a lesser infraction than Hillary’s.

In other words, justice was not blind in this case but crooked.

President Trump fixed it by giving Saucier a pardon. Comey was in charge and now he may pay a big price for his drooked double standard.

Saucier just announced his plans to sue James Comey and the rest of the clowns who looked the other way for Hillary while sticking him in jail.

From The Hill:

A former Navy sailor who was pardoned by President Trump is planning to sue former President Barack Obama and other members of his administration for subjecting him to what he calls unequal protection under the law.

A lawyer for Kristian Saucier, who was pardoned by Trump in March, told Fox News on Monday that he plans to file a lawsuit accusing Obama, former FBI Director James Comey, the Justice Department and others of improperly handling the former sailor’s case.

Saucier, who served one year in prison for mishandling classified information by taking photos onboard a nuclear submarine, alleges that Obama administration officials treated his case differently than how they handled Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server while serving as secretary of State.

“We’ll highlight the differences in the way Hillary Clinton was prosecuted and how my client was prosecuted,” Saucier’s attorney Ronald Daigle told Fox News. “We’re seeking to cast a light on this to show that there’s a two-tier justice system and we want it to be corrected.”

“They interpreted the law in my case to say it was criminal, but they didn’t prosecute Hillary Clinton,” Saucier told Fox News. “Hillary is still walking free. Two guys on my ship did the same thing and weren’t treated as criminals. We want them to correct the wrong.”

Do you think justice will finally be served?


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