James Woods Gives Stormy Lawyer Avenatti Devastating New Nickname He Won’t Recover From


Michael Avenatti is running for President, of that there is no doubt. He doesn’t even hide it anymore.

He is on record as saying the Democrats have such a weak field to run against Trump and if they don’t get it together he will run.

He’s right about the Democrats but wrong that he stands a chance. Hurling insults and defending porn stars are not the things that make a quality POTUS.

Avenatti was grandstanding out in London at the Trump protests, begging for publicity, and James Woods was happy to oblige.

From Hollywood Reporter:

Michael Avenatti is fighting back against James Woods, threatening to expose the actor’s “#MeToo issues” in an exchange of words via Twitter on Saturday morning. 

Woods tweeted a screenshot of Avenatti being interviewed during the London protest that featured a “Baby Trump” blimp, calling the Stormy Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford) lawyer “the real diapered, hot air balloon.”

Avenatti caught wind of Woods’ tweet and warned the actor that he has already been contacted by women who have described their own “#MeToo” stories involving Woods. 

“You know what I love? Everytime you pop off about me, one or two more women contact my ofc and describe your harassment/assault of them and #MeToo issues, seeking representation,” the lawyer tweeted to the actor. 

Avenatti then proceeded to threaten the actor that if he continued to take personal jabs, then he will “be next” in the slew of Hollywood men who have been the subject of #MeToo stories including Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey. “Keep playing games and you will be next. I promise.” 



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