James Woods Posts Video, Sends Jerry Moonbeam Brown Scurrying Back Under Rock He Crawled From


Jerry Moonbeam Brown has been a disaster for the great state of California. Sure, the state of full of cash after hiking taxes, but that just makes the current situation that much more despicable.

Look, the Democrats and the liberals have controlled every major US city for decades and literally ran them all into the ground.

The one US city that goes against the grain is New York City and it is no accident that that city cleaned up by the GOP – first Rudy Guiliani and then Michael Bloomberg.

The sad fact is the left sold out the minorities, especially African Americans, for too long.

They took away the incentive for a better life by giving handouts while at the same time looking the other way as certain greedy interests made money keeping the poor in poverty.

Don’t kid yourself, poverty is a huge business for the left and if they were to solve it, which they could, they would be out of business.

No more useless layers of bureaucracy to cover for their sins and spin the bad news with some phony report.

The truth is self-evident. And James Woods just posted the unvarnished truth Jerry Brown does not want you to see.

Welcome to California, thanks Moonbeam.

“This is the sidewalk next to Oprah Winfrey’s studio in West Hollywood. She has done extensive, and truly beautiful renovations to The Lot. Brand new apartments were built across the street. The new resident families cannot walk their children on the sidewalk to the local school.”


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