Jaws Hit the Floor When Ted Cruz Calls President Trump the UNTHINKABLE.

screenshot -YouTube

Texas Senator Ted Cruz appeared on FOX News’ hit show FOX and friends, Thursday morning, to discuss his reelection campaign in Texas, and his opinions on current events.

When asked about President Trump’s efforts to release the prisoners from North Korea and the ongoing negotiations with North Korea, Cruz, who was President Trump’s biggest competitor, and most brutal critic in the 2016 presidential campaign, was nothing but complimentary of the president.

Even more shocking, is the fact Ted Cruz sounded just like President Trump’s campaign manager or his biggest fan.  Rather than use his six minutes in front of a national TV audience to plug his own strengths and platform, he did nothing but plug President Trump over and over (and over) again.   (VIDEO BELOW)

Excuse our French, but the former “Lyin’ Ted” did nothing but kiss the president’s ****, and it was great!  We agree with everything he said, and now we call him “Wise Lion Ted”.

In this one short segment, Senator Cruz praised President Trump for all of these things:

  • Bringing the three Americans home– “The President is to be commended…that is a major victory!”
  • “President Trump has come in with a strong American foreign policy getting back to peace through strength.”
  • RIN System– “The president made a decision that saved thousands of jobs. He stepped in and solved the broken RIN System, which is something the EPA invented to enforce the ethanol mandate.
  • Iran deal- “I think the President did exactly the right thing to pull out of the Iran deal.  For the last year and a half I’ve been talking with the president, urging him to take this course.”
  • President Trump’s $15 billion Budget Rescission- ” I applaud the White House for doing that.”


Wow…. just wow!  Hopefully we can get Senator Cruz out on the campaign trail with us in 2020.


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