Jim Acosta Ask Stupid Question About Trump, Sarah Sanders Shuts Him Up With Brilliant Answer

Image Source: Swamp Drain

Leave it to Jim Acosta and CNN to ruin another fantastic press conference from Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Sarah has an incredibly hard job, made even harder by a Washington culture based on lies and leaks and outright fantasies.

She took on all the dunces in the media today, explaining that Michael Wolff is an “author nobody ever heard of before today.”

Boom. Correct.

Sarah read off a list of Trump’s major accomplishments the media conveniently ignored as they focused on one lousy book —

Sarah said, “the Dow is at 25k, new jobs 250k+, the Trump policies working and the Trump economy booming.


Sarah took one more question and she gave it to Jim Accosta. Probably just so she could shut him up again.

Acosta asked her, “you said this is a book full of lies, didn’t this White House give Michael Wolff all the access he wanted.”

Sarah paused for a brief second as she sized up the hapless CNN reporter Jim Accosta and then she opened her mouth and shut him down, closed his big mouth on the topic of Wolff’s lies once and for all.

“Absolutely not. In fact, there are probably more than 30 requests for access by Michael Wolff that were repeatedly denied including at least 2 dozen requests that were denied to have an interview with the president.”

She continued,

“He never had an interview with the President, he never did sit down with the President. He never discussed this book with the President and to me, that would be the most important voice that you could have if you were looking to write a book about Trump was to have some time with him because we saw Wolff for what he was and we didn’t want to waste the president’s time.”

Ouch. Brilliant answer Sarah, nice job.


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