Jim Acosta Just Got Humiliated By Sarah Sanders On Live TV (Video)

Source: Screenshot

Sarah Sanders came out swinging today with a beautiful and blistering defense of all the good things president Trump has accomplished in only one year and she delighted America by humiliating Jim Acosta.

The list of what Trump has been able to get done is extraordinary and under-reported by the hapless media.

And no member of the media is more hapless and shameless than CNN’s Jim Acosta. The guy just can’t take no for an answer, the guy just can’t stop being a nuisance.

Sure, the media must do their jobs and unique among countries we have a free press. But with freedom comes responsibility and Jim Acosta needs a reality check.

He has gone off the deep end, so driven by anti-Trump fever CNN is and the ratings Trump bashing delivers.

They don’t care if they turn off half the country, they play to a small demographic and they give them what they want: Trump news that reinforces their preconceived bias.

They are shameful and today Sarah Huckabee Sanders hit back hard.

First Jim accused Trump and the White House of pressuring the FBI to clean house of Obama’s shills, hinting that Andrew McCabe was forced out.

Sarah said,

“I would say what I said a hundred times before and will say a hundred times today the White House has been fully cooperative and we have gone above and beyond (regards to transparency).

Accosta was not satisfied and continued saying, not asking mind you, that Trump has been pressuring the FBI and DOJ to clean house.

(Just as an aside he can do that if he wanted to.)

Sarah looked at Acosta and just humiliated him with her answer:

“The only thing the President has applied pressure to is to make sure this is resolved and that you guys get the Russian fever out of your system once and for all and that you are reminded once again that there is no collusion…so that we can move forward to focus on national security and the economy.”

Jim feebly responded, “Nothing inappropriate here and nothing Trump has done that is improper.”

Sarah finished him off with,

“No, and I think we have been pretty clear on that.”


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