Jim Acosta Rudely Interrupts Sarah Sanders With Bible Question, What Sarah Says Next Shut Him Up

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CNN’s Jim Acosta continues to annoy Sarah Huckabee Sanders during her often contentious press briefings.

Show some respect Jim, for once, or let other reporters ask the questions.

Jim started with a dud,

“Why did the President salute the North Koreans at the summit?”

“It’s a common courtesy when a military official salutes that you to return that,” Sarah said.

What a dumb question form Acosta…but it gets worse. Much worse.

“Second question Sarah,” Jim began.

“On these children being separated from families as they come across the border, somehow the attorney general suggested today that there is a justification for this in the Bible…

“Where in the bible does it say it’s moral to take children away from their mothers?”

“I’m not aware of the AG ‘s comments or what he would be referencing,” Sarah said.

“I can say it is very biblical to enforce the law…that is repeated many times in the Bible…”

Good answer but not good enough for Jim, who continues rudely interrupting Sarah…

“Hold on Jim, let me finish,” an exasperated Sarah said.

Jim mumbles another interruption, and Sarah shoots back.

“That’s not what I said and I know its’ hard for you to understand even short sentences… I guess.”

Boom. Good job Sarah. She continued,

“Please don’t take my words out of context. The separation of the families is the product of the same loopholes the Democrats refuse to close.”

“Is it a moral to take children from their parents,” Jim asked again.

“It is moral to follow and enforce the law, Jim,” Sarah answered.

“Because it’s the law and that’s what the law states and Trump has called on Congress and the Democrats to close these loopholes. Democrats simply refuse to do their job.”

Jim kept trying and finally, Sarah put him out of his misery…

“Sorry, Jim I’m moving on…”


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