Jim Carrey Launches Crude New Attack on Trump And Hollywood Loses America Forever


Hollywood is a joke at this point. Overpaid ego’s masquerdaing as big stars who demand America pay attention to things they know nothing about.

We have been turning the channel on these clowns for years and with what Jim Carrey just did it may be permanent.

From Huffington Post:

Jim Carrey just took his contempt for President Donald Trump to the imagined bitter end.

A new work posted Thursday by the comedy actor-turned-artist features what appears to be Calvin from the “Calvin and Hobbes” comic urinating on Trump’s grave. And with a pun.

“Oh how I urine for this all to be over!” the “Mask” star captioned his picture. 

Calvin mischievously peeing in various scenarios has become a meme over the years.

Carrey in recent months has been painting what he sees as the dumb and dumber aspects of Trump and his administration ― and this isn’t the first time the comedian has used pee-pee in his attacks.

In early May, Carrey featured Trump’s personal physician Dr. Harold Bornstein commenting on the deliciousness of the president’s urine sample after Bornstein said Trump once dictated a letter about his “extraordinary” health.


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