Jimmy Kimmel Tries To Bash Trump On Live TV, Gets Humiliated Instead

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Jimmy Kimmel went on live TV and tried to bash President Trump for his tweet heard round the world.

In case you missed it Trump tweeted, in response to North Korea’s earlier tweet:

Kimmel said,

“That’s right. Happy New Year, everybody! We have two maniacs with nuclear warheads bragging about who has the bigger button.”

Kimmel went on saying more nonsense and closed with his second attempt at a lame joke at Trump’s expense:

“By the way, it’s only January 2nd! I don’t think I can take another year like last year, I might need to be put in one of those hyperbaric sleep chambers, just until like 2020 or something.”

The left reacted in similar fashion to Trump’s tweet. They have all piled on the bashing without considering why Trump did what he did.

You have to understand that the media and the establishment believe in the failed policies of the past because of their pride.

They really think they are smarter than us and they do not think there is another way to handle North Korea except to continue their disastrous policies.

Which have allowed North Korea to not only have nukes but have the missiles to launch them.

Good job, guys.

It is plain arrogance and jealousy that makes them bash Trump’s unconventional moves.

They act like their plans have worked? It is simply sad to watch, the tired last gasp of a failed worldview trying to cling to power.

As per usual they, the failed establishment, ended up with egg on their face because a funny thing happened after Trump got tough with North Korea.

According to NBC News:

“After months of acrimony, Kim also opened a key cross-border communication channel with South Korea on Wednesday. South Korea later confirmed that the two Koreas held a 20-minute discussion, with liaison officials exchanging their names and examining the communication lines to make sure they were working. These olive-branch overtures mark a significant milestone, according to analysts.”

When will Trump ever get any credit for shaking up the established order and making significant progress on multiple fronts?

You would think the establishment would be thanking President Trump for all he is doing to correct their mistakes, but you would be wrong.

Apologize, Jimmy!



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