Joe Biden Says He Has ‘No Idea If There Will Be Republican Party’ In 2024, Takes Veiled Swipe At Trump


President Biden held a tightly scripted and underwhelming press conference yesterday. He was using cheat sheets to call on reporters and to give him talking points so he didn’t meaner and make more gaffes.

“My plan is to run for reelection, that’s my expectation,” Biden said before taking a swipe at Trump. “My predecessor needed to,” Biden said laughing about his reelection campaign starting early before adding: “My predecessor, oh God I miss him. I said that’s my expectation,” he said when asked again if he was running. “Look I don’t understand where you guys come from.”

“I’m a great respecter of fate, I’m not going to be able to plan 3.5 years ahead for certain, Biden said before taking a veiled shot at Trump when asked if he thought he would face the former president in 2024.

“Oh, come on. I don’t even think about — I have no idea,” Biden said. “I have no idea if there will be a Republican Party. Do you?”

 “I fully expect that to be the case,” Biden said of Kamala. “She’s a great partner.” On China Joe said,

“They have the overall goal to become the leading country in the world, the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world. That is not going to happen on my watch, because the United States is going to continue to grow and expand.” 

Jake Tapper did catch Biden telling one tall tail and went public. “We’re sending back the vast majority of the families that are coming. We’re trying to work out now with Mexico their willingness to take more of those families back. That’s what’s happening. They’re not getting across the border,” Biden added.

Jake Tapper asked CNN’s fact-checker: “President Biden claimed today that the US “is sending back the vast majority of the families that are coming” and that they are “not getting across the border?”

“That was not true in February, which is the last month for which we have a full month’s data,” said CNN’s fact-checker before he detailed that 41% of families were being turned around.


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