John Elway Just Proved Colin Kaepernick’s A Total Fraud In Front Of Entire USA


Colin Kaepernick just got exposed as a total and absolute fraud and there is simply no going back.

Hall of Fame quarterback and current Denver Bronco executive he makes all the football calls for the organization just admitted he offered Kaepernick a job.

If you remember Colin is suing the NFL saying he is being blackballed. There goes the lawsuit.

But worse, it appears the only thing holding Colin back is his ego as Elway offered him a backup job.

From Dailysnark:

The Denver Broncos are in desperate need of a backup quarterback after the Paxton Lynch experiment looks all but failed.

With Lynch and only rookie draft pick Chad Kelly backing up new free agent signing Case Keenum, John Elway is looking for a veteran signal caller. Apparently, Colin Kaepernick doesn’t want to be that guy.

Despite the alleged “blackballing” of NFL teams on the back of the lack of interest shown in the former Super Bowl quarterback, NFL Network’s James Palmer is reporting that the Broncos did, in fact, offer a contract to Kaepernick, only to have it turned down.


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