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Judge Bans Mention Of ‘Muslims’ And ‘Islam’ At Public Meeting. You Won’t Believe WHY!

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A federal judge has banned any mention of Muslims or Islam at next weeks town meeting in New Jersey next week. The public hearing concerning an Islamic group’s request to build a mosque, comes after a nearby town was ordered to pay a $3.25 million settlement to the Islamic Society of Basking Ridge for denying the zoning rights for the group.

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**The Obama Justice Department filed the lawsuit against the town on behalf of the group.    (See Video Clips Below)

FOX News reports:

Under the settlement, the group will be allowed to build the mosque and the town agreed to limit the zoning restrictions placed on houses of worship.

The Islamic Society of Basking Ridge sued Bernards Township, an upscale town in central New Jersey, last year, claiming it changed its zoning ordinances in order to deny the group’s plans. The Justice Department also sued the town last year, alleging it treated the group differently than other religious groups.

The $3.25 million is to settle the Islamic Society’s lawsuit against the town, split into $1.75 million for attorneys’ fees and costs and $1.5 million for damages.

Through a spokesman, the township committee denied discriminating against the Islamic Society and maintained the denial of the group’s proposal was “based on accepted land use criteria only.” It noted that the group’s members have used other township facilities to practice their religion for years.

Something to think about.  Here is Pamela Geller discussing mosques, radical Islam and Obama.   (See Video Clips Below)

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Here is Judge Andrew Napolitano discussing the case described above.

In 2014, a similar lawsuit cost Bridgewater Township, also in New Jersey almost $8 million. Do you agree with these lawsuits and judgement?  Please comment below and SHARE this on Facebook and Twitter.


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