LeBron James Launches Sneak Attack On Trump, Humiliates Himself Instead

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LeBron James continues his quest for social irrelevancy. On the basketball court he is good, if not the most clutch player, off the court he is just another liberal stooge.

America has had enough of celebrities and athletes wading into things they know nothing about and demanding we pay attention.

We listen to experts not overpaid children play acting or literally getting paid a king’s ransom to play a game.

But the celebrity and status they have tends to propel them to make asses of themselves on a daily basis.

If LeBron ain’t careful he may become the next Kathy Griffin. A well-known pariah that even the left turned on.

“Obviously I’ve been very outspoken and well-spoken about the situation that’s going on at the helm here, and we’re not going to let one person dictate us, us as Americans, how beautiful and how powerful we are as a people.”

Well-spoken? Umm Lebron…I am for the first time in my life speechless.

That is just embarrassing.

Trump is not doing what you accuse him of doing, and if you are as smart as you think you are you would know this.

LeBron continued making zero sense saying,

“No matter the skin color, no matter the race, no matter who you are, I think we all have to understand that having equal rights and being able to stand for something and speak for something and keeping the conversation going.”

Who’s stopping you? You have a unique place in the American discourse as a highly paid athlete (sadly) but you blew it when you called Trump a bum a few weeks ago.

Now you want to double down on false rhetoric when you should be investing in these communities you profess to want to protect.

When you put your considerable money where you well-spoken (what a moron) mouth is, America will take you seriously.

Until then, play ball and shut your well-spoken mouth.


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