Man Arrested For Threatening Trump Cabinet Member’s Kids, Had Their Schools Targeted

Image Source: Slate

The entire country needs to turn down the temperature over politics, especially as the 4th of July approaches.

Because it is getting out of hand. From The Daily Caller

Federal authorities have reportedly arrested a man who threatened Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai and his children.

Scott MacFarlane, an investigative reporter for NBC 4, tweeted on Friday that a man was arrested after sending an email to Pai threatening to find and kill his children. The email included the addresses of preschools in Arlington, Virginia, where Pai lives.

According to a Department of Justice press release, the man was “angry” that Pai repealed net neutrality and wanted to “scare” him. One email from the 33-year-old California man included a framed photograph of Pai’s family.

“The first email accused Chairman Pai of being responsible for a child who allegedly had committed suicide because of the repeal of net neutrality regulations,” the release said. “The second email listed three locations in or around Arlington, and threatened to kill the Chairman’s family members. The third email had no message in its body, but included an image depicting Chairman Pai and, in the foreground and slightly out of focus, a framed photograph of Chairman Pai and his family.”


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