Media Hangs Head In Shame After President Trump Catches Them In Horrible New Lie


President Trump just caught the liberal media telling another whopper.

Trump does not suffer these media fools like past Presidents. Instead, he goes right at them using the bully pulpit.

Seriously, has there been anyone other Teddy Roosevelt who used the Presidential bully pulpit better than Trump?

No chance. Trump is a master of the media for many reasons but he knows they are a slave to ratings.

And Trump delivers those without even trying.

“Unlike what the Failing and Corrupt New York Times would like people to believe, there is ZERO disagreement within the Trump Administration as to how to deal with North Korea…and if there was, it wouldn’t matter. The @nytimes has called me wrong right from the beginning!”

“The Failing @nytimes quotes “a senior White House official,” who doesn’t exist, as saying “even if the meeting were reinstated, holding it on June 12 would be impossible, given the lack of time and the amount of planning needed.” WRONG AGAIN! Use real people, not phony sources.”

But Trump wasn’t done…he went after the Democrats too for their lying ways using the bully pulpit.



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