Megan McCain Discusses Her Co-Hosts from ‘The View’. Your Jaw will DROP at What She Says About Whoopi and Joy.

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When Megan McCain, daughter of Senator John McCain and “token conservative” co-host of “The View”, appeared on CNN with Van Jones on Saturday, she said a few things after the other co-hosts that might really surprise conservatives.

“The View”, produced by liberals, for liberals, has two hosts that are universally hated by conservatives.  I know “hate” is an ugly word, but once a conservative watches five minutes of the Trump-hating, hate spewing, Joy Behar and Whoopi Golberg, on the show, they usually can’t think of any nicer words for them.  Vile, is on of the first words that pops into my head.

McCain told Van Jones that the other “ladies” on “The View” were not just liberal but the “most extreme liberals” she’s ever met.  (VIDEO BELOW)

To quote McCain:

“It is challenging every part of my profession that I know because it’s almost like trying to learn how to speak a new language, trying to speak to not just —  I wouldn’t even just call them liberals, it’s like the most extreme liberals I have ever met in my life — trying to showcase and my show beliefs and express it in a concise way.” 

McCain also pointed out to Jones that one of the most frustrating things about the liberal audiences on “The View” is the fact that they accuse all conservatives of being racists.

Here is an additional quote from McCain:

I’ve never been accused of being racist before in my entire life, until recently, until President Trump became president, and I think the problem with that is and I understand there’s a lot of tensions in this country that are overheating in a way that we’ve never seen before and what a historically incredibly turbulent moment……I have vivid memories of my father being called racist.  I have memories of President Bush being called racist, of Mit Romney, Jeb Bush, overdoing that that particular charge.”


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