Michael Moore Tries To Bash Trump, Totally Destroys Obama’s Legacy Instead


Michael Moore has a new movie coming out and it is a Trump bashing marathon. Moore does his best to twist facts to make Trump look incompetent.

And he thought he got away with it, except the internet does not suffer fools and promptly put Mike Moore and Barack Obama in proper historical perspective.

From Twitchy: The filmmaker who was tight with Hugo Chavez spoke of his love of America and how enraged he’s become since the election of Trump

Perhaps America never had a democracy because it’s a constitutional republic, but we digress.

The title is a play on Moore’s biggest documentary released in the early 2000s and which tried to sound the alarm about George W. Bush.

So Moore flipped the numbers around to sound the alarm about Trump, but a certain former president also gets caught up in the mix.

Not unlike many in the media, some lefties’ seem unable to remember much of anything before Trump won the election.



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