Mike Huckabee Makes Bob Mueller Hang Head In Shame With 2 Simple Questions Bob Must Answer Right Now

Source: Youtube

God bless Mike Huckabee. Among his many talents, he has an uncanny knack for making the complex simple. And believe me when I tell you nothing is simple in Washington D.C.

Plots and subplots and plotters and leakers and hidden agendas. Trump knew it wouldn’t be easy to drain the place of its corruption and double-dealing and he was right.

It is a confusing game of switching allegiances that usually left the American people holding the bag. The last ones without a chair as the decision makes sit around the table.

But that was then and this is now. We finally have a man looking out for us in the oval office and we are already seeing the benefits.

The economy is booming. Unemployment is at a low we haven’t seen in at least 17 years.

Minority unemployment is at its lowest levels in at least eight years proving that Trump was right when he asked the African American community “What do you have to lose.”

It seems everyone is gaining now that we have a man in power who will fight for the middle-class rather than feed at the trough the corrupt lobbyists.

They get fat and we get poorer was the old way. Not anymore and this simple shift regarding who is important to the Government will drive the economy forward for years to come.

Invest in the middle class in other words – what a radical idea huh?

Which is why the recent bombshells about bias coming from Bob Mueller’s team is so important to sort out.

The future of this great country is hanging in the balance.

Enter Mike Huckabee. Who made Bob Mueller hang his head in shame with 2 brutal questions Bob Mueller needs to answer right now.

And he needs to answer them before taxpayers give him another dime to continue down his road to nowhere.

Huckabee asked,

  1. Did Mueller even ask his staff (like Peter Strzok) if they had conflict of interest or were unbiased? If not, he’s incompetent.

If he DID ask & Strzok told him the truth about his contempt for @POTUS, Mueller is biased.

2. If he asked & Strzok LIED, then why isn’t Strzok indicted?

Share if you want answers to Mike Huckabee’s questions before we give Mueller another dime.



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