Mike And Karen Pence All Class With Heartwarming Christmas Surprise For Very, Very Special Group

Source: Twitter

Mike Pence continues to lead the right way – by example.  The Pence’s continue to show true character to the denizens of the swamp and one hopes they are paying attention.

This Christmas the Pence’s decided to give s special surprise to a very special group of people.

Who have a thankless job that never makes the headlines. Who risk their lives every day and ask for nothing in return.

So the Vice President decided this year to give the Secret Service officers protecting him a special Christmas.

According to the Independent Journal Review, last night Pence and his wife Karen hosted the families of Secret Service members at the vice president’s residence, Number One Observatory Circle, to “honor to the selfless and dedicated men and women of the Secret Service.”

It is a nice to see, isn’t it?

A good man in a tough job taking the time to honor the hard work of the unsung heroes around him.

Pence tweeted out some pictures of the event with a quote:

“Honored to host the selfless and dedicated men & women of the Secret Service for a Christmas party this afternoon. Karen and I enjoyed meeting their families and thanking them for their service!”

Mike and Karen Pence took the time to meet every family member who attended and gave each some personal time they will never forget.



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