MSNBC Reporter Asks Sarah Sanders Dumb Question, Sarah Wipes Smirk Off Her Face With Perfect Answer

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Thank God for Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Is there any other person on the planet who has the unique combination of smarts and patience to handle the jackals in the media?

No, President Trump made a great choice picking her for this important role.

The media has never met a lie they would not spread about Trump and they were at it again today and Sarah did what she does best – crushed them all. (VIDEO BELOW)

The New York Times took a shot at Sarah and she deftly put the liberal rag in their place.

CNN ignored again today and you can almost hear Jim Acosta whine.

That is what happens when you traffic in fake news Jimmy, get used to it or start reporting the truth. (VIDEO BELOW)

MSNBC’s Kristen Welker, however, did get called on today and true to form she asked a really dumb question.

Kristen Welker tried to trip up Sarah Sanders today and it backfired, in humiliating fashion.

Kristen asked, “Did the President ask Andrew McCabe how he voted… that is one of the leading stories of the day.” (VIDEO BELOW)

Sarah was not having it and wiped the smirk off the MSNBC’s reporters face with the perfect answer.

“It is not the leading story that most Americans care about. Even all the polling in here – I seriously doubt that any person in America would list this as an issue they care about.”

Exactly, who cares. Next. The biased mainstream media thinks that the American public will be brainwashed by their endless biased and false narratives. WRONG! (VIDEO BELOW)

Jon Decker White House correspondent then asked Sarah if he would invoke executive privilege when Steve Bannon testifies, adding that the President has said there is no collusion so…

Sarah jumped in with a smile on her face and said,

“I’m glad you guys are starting to echo that too – if you could say it more and more on your networks that would be helpful.”

She is good – way too good for the hapless White House press corps, don’t you think? (VIDEO BELOW)


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