OMG! Trump just STUNNED every MUSLIM in the World with Four POWERFUL Words!

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Today, President Donald J. Trump proved what a powerful leader he is. At a summit in Saudi Arabia, he stepped up in front of 50 of the world’s most powerful Muslim leaders at the Summit of Muslim World Leaders and said something no American has ever had the courage to say.  This will absolutely blow your mind.  President Trump has more courage than any man on the planet.  What he does at 1:30 into the video clip will make you stand and CHEER!

Can you believe it?  Do you think Barack Hussein Obama ever had that kind of courage?  Hell no!  All Obama could do was bow down to the Arabs like a subservient little wuss.

Four words:  Drive Out the Terrorists!

And by the way, President Trump did not bow down to the Arabs like the Crooked Liberal Media Reported yesterday.  What a lie!  The king was giving President Trump a medal and the president is much taller than the king so he had to lean over to let the king put it around his neck.    (h/t: Liberty Writers News)

President Trump had to lean over so the king could put the medal around his neck. He did NOT bow down like Obama!

“Drive Out the Terrorists!… Drive Them Out! Drive Them Out!”  

President Donald J. Trump

source: FOX News

President Trump made it perfectly clear to the entire Arab World that the US will help, but they must do their part at home to get rid of terrorism.

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