NBA TV Ratings Continue To Collapse With Viewership Down Double Digits


The NBA is in trouble. The people have spoken and the ratings tell the tale. It is not good for LeBron James and the others politicizing the NBA. According to Sports Business Journal:

“The NBA has averaged 1.4 million viewers per game this year, down 13% headed into the final week of the season across ESPN, ABC, and TNT compared to the COVID-interrupted 2019-2020 season + Orlando bubble.”

The NBA Finals last year had record low TV ratings despite having huge stars LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Most blamed the pandemic but the NBA will not have that luxury this season.

LeBron did not do the league any favors when he spouted off about the police, who were in a very tough situation, before all the facts were out. He deleted his statement but the backlash was swift and fierce by everyone including CNN’s Don Lemon.

From Outkick:

The NBA ratings are worse than we thought last month when we found out they were worse than we thought. 

Headed into the final week of the 2020-21 season, the NBA has averaged 1.4 million viewers across ESPN, ABC, and TNT, down 13% from last year’s disastrous COVID-interrupted, bubble season. 

NBA defenders — at ESPN, Bleacher Report, USA Today and every other sports media outlet  — are running out of excuses. “It’s the bubble,” they yelled last year when the ratings tanked. Make no mistake, the NBA’s declines have undoubtedly reached headquarters. 

Coming into the 2020-21 season, NBA games on ABC — the league’s most prominent broadcast partner — were down 45% since 2011-12. 

Yes, 45%. 


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