NBC Reporter Asks World’s Dumbest Question, Sarah Sanders Gives World’s Best Answer (Video)


Peter Alexander is just another NBC hack reporter. Nothing new there but his rudeness was today as he pressed and pressed Sarah Sanders today regarding constitutional norms and the power of the president of which he knows little.

Thankfully, Sarah Sanders does. Pete started off asking Sarah.

“Does The President believe he is above the law?”

“Certainly not.” said Sarah, before adding, “The president hasn’t done anything wrong.”

Peter tried again,

“Does the president believe the framers envision a system where a president could pardon himself where the president could be above the law?”

Yes, Peter, that is exactly what the constitution says – it does not limit the pardon power so Trump can do what he wants.

He is not above the law because Congress has the power to impeach the President.

So Trump can use the pardon power as he sees fit and Congress impeach him if they don’t like it. That is how our constitution works.

Sarah said,

“Certainly, the constitution lays out the law… and once again the president hasn’t done anything wrong and we feel confident on that front.”

Peter wouldn’t take yes for an answer and kept pushing…”does the President believe he is above the law.”

“Certainly not.”

He got the answer he wanted but still wasn’t satisfied and said: “can I ask another question.”

“You can’t actually,” said Sarah.

“But…this is important,” Pete whined.

“No one is above the law and President Trump hasn’t done anything wrong,” Sarah said again before adding “I’m gonna move” on as the hapless Peter Alexander whimpered away.


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