NEW LEAKED E-MAILS- CNN Says: (VIDEO) “It is Illegal for YOU to Look at Them, You MUST Get Them From Us” Okie Dokie then….


AhHAHAHA… you’re funny little man.  Part 9 of the Podesta e-mails came out from Wikileaks and this CNN Dweeb says it’s illegal for us to look at them.  Oh and get this…..LMFAO……we can only get the information from him!!!!  I’m in stitches over here.  (VIDEO BELOW)

Whatcha talkin bout Willis??

OK, sure buddy we’ll get them from you…right.  We the people, patriotic supporters of Donald Trump will get the info from John Poedesta’s (head of Hillary Clinton’s campaign) leaked e-mails from you,CNN, the Clinton News Network, a member of the Dishonest Crooked Media, major contributor and partner in Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Well anyway folks here they are.  Enjoy…..

Please SHARE the article and info with as many people as possible.  It is URGENT!!!  The crooked media is trying to HIDE this and we’re RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!!

NEW WIKILEAKS! Podesta Emails part 9: 1100 more emails… Post what you find below from The_Donald

Donald Trump is laughing right now!



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