Newt Gingrich vs. Nancy Pelosi (On Ben Carson Appointment)….. Battle of the TWEETS. Who’s telling the truth and who is full of S**T? Check these out….You can VOTE!


This morning President-elect Trump announced that he has nominated Dr. Ben Carson to be the new Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  Dr, Carson, a Trump supporters’ favorite is a retired neurosurgeon and a former Trump rival for the presidency who became  a key supporter.

One of the very few people who have been as close to and loyal to the Trump campaign as Dr. Carson is former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.  Shortly after the announcement, Mr. Gingrich put out the following tweet:

Newt Gingrich- Former US Speaker of the House


Nancy Pelosi- Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives

Several hours after Newt Gingrich released his tweet Nancy Pelosi came out with her own tweet on the subject. The minority leader elected to take the low road and release a really ugly (imagine that) statement.  Here is Nancy Pelosi’s tweet:

Other than pointing out that Dr. Carson is one of the most brilliant minds in this country who was actually running for President of the United States and that Barack Obama, based on experience, was much less qualified to be president than Dr. Carson is to run HUD we will reserve our commentary.  We would like to know what you, our readers, think about this subject.

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I agree with Nancy Pelosi’s tweet regarding Dr. Ben Carson

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