Nikki Haley Wins Trump Popularity Poll, even among DEMS. The Reason She Won will Blow Your Mind.


According to a new poll released last week, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is the most popular member of President Trump’s team.  She is even popular with Democrats.

Haley is the only member of the Trump team who received positive ratings from more than 50% of democrats, and she also received positive ratings from young voters as well as black and Hispanic voters.

The Greenville News reports:

A Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday shows Haley has the approval of 63 percent of respondents. She was the only figure in the Trump administration polled who has the support of a majority of Democrats, independents and Republicans.

Republicans gave Haley an unsurprising 75 percent approval rating (9 percent disapprove), but she also has the support of 63 percent of independents (to 19) and 55 percent of Democrats (to 23).

This is not the first time Haley has ranked high in polls on Trump officials. The UN ambassador only gained more attention last week after a public spat with the White House over planned new sanctions on Russia. Some have even touted Haley as a potential future presidential contender.

One thing her fans really like about Nikki is that she has absolutely no fear and calls things exactly the way she sees them.  Recently, there was an incident where Haley announced upcoming sanctions on Russia, and the Trump White House changed their mind and tried to use Haley as a scapegoat.

After Haley made the statement on Russian sanctions, Trump’s new White House economic adviser, Larry Kudlow, told reporters that the final determination had not been some “confusion” and that Haley had gotten “ahead of the curve” in previewing the policy.

Nikki Haley would not stand for that.  She was not going to be a Patsy for the administration after they changed their mind, telling FOX News:  “With all due respect, I don’t get confused.” 

One the Quinnipiac poll was released, Twitter was inundated with people singing Nikki’s praise. Here are some of the tweets:

(more below)(h/t:

image source: Twitter

Aaron Blake writes:

Nikki Haley appears to be the most popular member of the Trump administration — after she was apparently the nation’s most popular governor.

(more below)

(more below)

Jerry Dunleavy tweeted:

Jerry  And don’t try to drag me saying “wow most popular member of the Trump Admin is like being the most popular <unpopular thing you think is funny>”, you nerds. Nikki Haley is 63% approval & only 17% disapproval — including 55% approval & only 23% disapproval among ***Democrats***


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