NOT FLIPPING FUNNY: Jim Carrey’s New Painting of President Trump will make you SICK

YouTube screenshot

While James Woods is, hands down, the biggest Patriot in Hollywood, there seems to be some stiff competition for the title of biggest Trump-hating Libtoad.  Comedian turned painter/political cartoonist, Jim Carrey, is right up there at the top of the pack.

Carrey’s latest travesty is a painting that is supposed to be President Trump at his doctor’s office back in 2015.  Not only the the artwork sub-par, but the premise behind it is just stupid.  (see picture below)

Fox News reports:

Comedian-turned-political cartoonist Jim Carrey is at it again posting another original painting to his social media that mocks President Trump.

This time, the actor set his sights on the recent controversy surrounding Trump’s 2015 medical report.

Dr. Harold Bornstein, who made headlines after giving a hyperbolic report of then-candidate Trump’s health, recently alleged that Trump dictated his own clean bill of health, explaining the similarities between the letter and the president’s pattern of speech. (see picture below)

On Wednesday, Carrey posted the latest in his now-lengthy line of politically-inspired paintings. In it, Bornstein is typing on a keyboard with a shirtless Trump behind him giving the “OK” symbol. The painting contains text that is supposed to be what Trump is dictating in the letter. (see picture below)

Here is Carrey’s tweet showing his latest “art”:

Here are a few more of his Trump-bashing “masterpieces”:



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