Obama just WET his Pants! Gets hit with Massive Lawsuit Over “Bait and Switch”


The lawsuit Barack Hussein Obama just got hit with involves lying, cheating and, possibly, stealing, but it may seem like small potatoes in a few years when all the spying, weaponizing the the DOJ, and other treasonous acts, finally catch up to him.

The current lawsuit involves a “bait and switch” to tie up super valuable land in the prime area of Chicago.

Unbelievably, Obama wants to build a $500,000,000 museum and monument to himself.  This  monument would be “in addition to” the Obama Presidential library. What a MONUMENTAL joke! (VIDEO BELOW)

The Daily Caller reports:

A public park advocacy group filed a federal lawsuit Monday accusing Obama Presidential Center organizers of pulling an “institutional bait and switch” by reneging on its original planned purpose of building an official presidential library in historic Jackson Park.

The Chicago City Council approved an ordinance in 2015 for the parkland to be leased to the Obama Foundation for the purpose of housing former President Barack Obama’s official presidential library, the Chicago Sun-Times reported on Tuesday.


But operations have since changed. Obama now plans to use the parkland to build a $500 million personal museum and monument dedicated to his person. The National Records and Archives Administration will operate his presidential library somewhere else.

The lawsuit was filed ahead of a planned May 17 meeting of the Chicago Plan Commission to discuss the construction boundaries of the Obama Presidential Center. It seeks a court order to bar the city from approving the building of the center.


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