Obama’s in a RAGE!! Trump just gave Julian Assange a YUGE Gift! BAM!! This will leave you Cheering!


The leaked DNC documents, including John Podesta’s emails, that Wikileaks released in the months prior to the November election did not come from the Russians. It is as simple as that.  We have reported that many times before, and we will continue to report this fact, as long as the left-leaning MSM (mainstream media) continues to publish “fake news,” by distorting and overlooking the facts. (FULL HANNITY/ASSANGE INTERVIEW BELOW)

Wednesday night, Sean Hannity aired his video taped interview with Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. Once again, Assange makes it clear that they did not receive those documents from Russia, or “any other state party,” and he went on to say that “any 14 year old” could have hacked into the DNC. In 10 years of Wikileaks existence, not one, of hundreds of thousands of pages of documents, have ever been proven inauthentic, and they have NEVER been shown to lie on any source.  (FULL HANNITY/ASSANGE INTERVIEW BELOW)

Any hacking by the Russians is inexcusable and intolerable, plain and simple. Equally plain and simple is the indisputable fact that none of the documents distributed by Wikileaks came from the Russians.

The live (taped) interview covered most of the same things Hannity and Assange covered in their radio interview two weeks ago. This time, however, the Wikileaks head made it clear, in no uncertain terms, that Barack Obama, and the Clinton campaign know full well that those particular DNC documents were not from the Russians. That means that this big over dramatic production of placing sanctions on Russia was just a last ditch effort to blame something other than Obama’s failed presidency for Hillary Clinton’s loss, and an effort to salvage some of his dwindling, imploding legacy.   (FULL HANNITY/ASSANGE INTERVIEW BELOW)

Wikileaks is batting 100% in their ten years of existence. They have never produced a questionable document, or been proven wrong about a source. Despite the facts, the Obama administration and the left-wing deceitful mainstream media, have never believed the legitimacy of Wikileaks past work. That just didn’t fit into their false narrative of why the Clinton campaign lost.  Excuses, excuses, excuses!

The “GIFT” that Donald Trump has just given Julian Assange and Wikileaks is HUGE! Multiple Tweets from the President-elect this morning confirm the legitimacy of Wikileaks. Well, at least in the eyes of the President-elect of the United States, who happens to be the second most powerful person in the world. (according to Forbes)

Thank you Julian Assange and Thank you President Trump!

Please enjoy President-elect Trump’s tweets and the full Hannity/Assange interview below and SHARE with all your friends! Thank you!


We are not saying that the Russians are innocent and did not attempt to hack anything or even that they do not deserve sanctions. They just did not provide the leaked DNC documents to Wikileaks.  We, at TD Newswire, believe a thorough investigation into the Russian hacking is needed and are confident that Donald Trump’s administration will get to the bottom of it.

Watch Tucker Carlson politely DESTROY the left wing editor from the Philadelphia Inquirer . The poor guy mutters and stutters and babbles the same thing over and over again which is…….nothing!  There is absolutely no proof because it did not happen.      (CLICK HERE)

Please share the truth surrounding this issue if you LOVE America and support President Elect Trump. Thank you!






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