OUCH! Cavuto ATTACKS Trump, Immediately REGRETS It! FOX anchor just jumped on Crooked Liberal Media Bandwagon

Swamp Drain

As if President Trump doesn’t take enough grief from the Crooked Liberal Media, Neil Cavuto, one of the supposed”good guys” decided to take some pot shots at him on Tuesday.  It is quite possible that Neil just woke up on the wrong side of the bed or forgot to take his meds, however I think it was something else.  (VIDEO BELOW)

I suspect the management at FOX News parent company, 21 Century FOX, told him to do it. FOX News is one of the only fair networks left but 21 Century FOX is working hard and fast to destroy it.  (VIDEO BELOW)

Watch this and tell us what you think:  (VIDEO BELOW)

** NOTE:  Cavuto came back the next day and did another “nice” Common Sense piece on President Trump to make up for.  Either he felt guilty or the station received pressure from viewers.  I would like too think he felt bad. 🙂

If FOX News had made a conscious decision one year ago to turn away their loyal viewers, they could not have done a better job at it than they have. Their downward spiral began when Megan Kelly jumped on the Crooked Liberal Media, Trump-bashing bandwagon in the opening of the 1st Presidential Debate. Allowing Kelly to leave for “greener pastures” may have been their one smart move.

** The Murdoch Family are not conservatives and don’t give a hoot about FOX News other than the dollars and cents involved. The tens of millions of dollars they are losing by letting FOX News evaporate are nothing compared to the billions involved in the SKY Plc purchase/takeover they are working on, so FOX viewers lose. Big time!

And now they are turning Neil Cavuto into a real Horses A**!  In other words, a Shepard Smith!  SHARE this now if you AGREE!

** Are you fed up with all the “entitled” liberals and lying Democrats attacking the President of the United States, while they themselves think they are above the law?
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