OUCH! Sean Spicer DESTROYS MSM on Chicago! “You can’t be a Sanctuary City and BEG for more money at the same time!”

Image Source: SwampDrain.com

It never ceases to amaze me that the CLM (Crooked Liberal Media) can keep a straight face when trying to turn every single thing President Trump is doing inside out, by attempting to make positive things look negative. This typical Libtard question asked at the weekly White House Press briefing is a perfect example. (VIDEO BELOW)

President Trump wants people to quit killing each other in the streets of Chicago. He wants the local government to step up and do something about the gang violence and killing. However, if they won’t, President Trump has stated that he will intervene to stop the killing. President Trump also wants all violent criminal illegal aliens deported immediately and permanently. These two things are not at odds with each with each other. They are part of the same objective. (VIDEO BELOW)

Watch this reporter try to twist the facts and make it sound like defunding sanctuary cities means President Trump doesn’t want to eliminate the killings in Chicago.  Sean Spicer will have none of it. Not only won’t Spicer take the Libtard bait, he clarifies the issues and lays the hammer down on the dishonest media.  If you agree with Sean Spicer, please SHARE this!  (VIDEO BELOW)

Sean Spicer:

“I think it would be interesting to want to send more money to a city that is allowing people to come into the country who are breaking the law, who in many cases are committing crimes, members of gangs.”

So you can’t be a sanctuary city and at the same time seem to pretend or express concern about law enforcement or ask for more money, when probably a number of the funds that you’re using in the first place are going to law enforcement to handle the situation that you’ve created for yourself.
I think the President’s belief on sanctuary cities is one shared by upwards of eighty percent of the American people, that we shouldn’t be using American tax dollars to fund cities and counties, and in some cases potentially states, that are seeking to allow people who are not legally in this country, who potentially can do us harm to get funding. So, I think there is no question, it’s not a question of what he will do.
His intention seems very clear from the beginning.  I think it’s vastly supported by the vast majority of American people, but i think that to suggest that somehow they’re not inextricably linked is a failure to fully appreciate the scenario. 
*** The Mainstream Media will HIDE THE TRUTH!  If you agree with Sean Spicer, please SHARE this NOW!  It’s up to US to get this out!


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