Over 25,000 People Sign Petition To Get Whoopi Goldberg Fired From The View


The internet is an amazing thing. Truly an amazing technology. Life moves fast these days thanks to an ever connected populace.

Something Whoopi Goldberg just learned the hard way.

From ILMF:

Our team here at ILoveMyFreedom.org launched a petition this morning to encourage the firing of ABC’s Whoopi Goldberg and it has already cracked the 25,000 signature mark in just 8 hours from being posted.

The original goal of the petition was to get 50,000 signatures and send the names to the front door of ABC studios in Burbank, CA. Thankfully, we are already over halfway towards our goal thanks to YOU!

Click here to view and sign the petition for yourself

The energy around this subject is electrifying. We thank each and every one of you who have supported this petition so far, and we hope for many more!

In case you missed it, Judge Jeanine Pirro of Fox News went onto ‘The View’ and completely hammered the liberal co-hosts who were trying to attack the Trump administration. Pirro is a huge Trump supporter, so this went about as well as you could have expected.

It escalated to a shouting match between her and far-left host Whoopi Goldberg, and things got ugly fast.

Wow, do you think this will work? Did you sign it?


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