Pamela Anderson Says Kid Rock Was Great Father But ‘Borat’ Broke Them Up: “The boys loved Bob”


Hollywood star Pamela Anderson has a new book out called ‘Love, Pamela’ where ‘the actress, activist, and once infamous Playboy Playmate reclaims the narrative of her life in a memoir that defies expectation in both content and approach, blending searing prose with snippets of original poetry.’

She made some headlines earlier when she claimed Tim Allen flashed her on the set of Home Improvement. Allen denied the claim and Anderson somewhat backtracked saying she wasn’t mad because comedians are supposed to push the envelope.

A new chapter was just released by Rolling Stone where Pamela details the reason she broke up with Kid Rock. She said the legendary musician was a great father but the movie Borat broke them up.

She said: “Bob and I started spending more time in Detroit, his hometown. We had our big family wedding there, where Bob Seger and Hank Williams Jr. sang for us. Our life in Detroit was full of music.

“I took for granted all those nights with Hank, ZZ Top, Uncle Kracker, Eminem, and Bob’s band. To be around such talent was inspiring. It was a true rock-and-roll lifestyle, gritty and soulful. Detroit had an energy all its own.

“Bob had taken on a lot with me and two boys — he was really great to them and had a young son himself. On Bob’s ranch, just outside the city, there were always adventures. They rode dirt bikes, snowmobiles, and horses. 

“Bob’s friend Chelios played hockey for the Detroit Red Wings, and for Dylan’s fourth birthday party, the boys skated with the team at practice.

“They played golf with John Daly, who could famously open a beer can by hitting a golf ball off the top to crack it open, and they passed a football with Peyton Manning.

“The boys loved Bob. He made a huge effort.

“I wanted to be back in Malibu, though. I had rented a small house on Escondido Beach, but it was tiny for the five of us, so Bob found us a more suitable home on Point Dume and bought it.

“We were about to move in, until the premiere of Borat. 

“The screening at Ron and Kelly Meyer’s house didn’t go well. Lots of important industry people were there — Steven Spielberg, Rick Rubin, Laird Hamilton and his wife, Gabby Reece.

“I didn’t tell Bob I was in the movie, because I wanted to surprise him. I forgot about the part in the film that referenced the “sex tape.” 

“Bob stormed out, calling me a whore and worse. He was embarrassed, and his reaction was not thought through.

“Laird yelled, Don’t get mad at Superwoman when she busts out her cape! After I chased Bob to his car, he peeled out, leaving me there alone.

“I turned back and apologized, then asked if anyone could give me a ride home. When I walked in, Bob was smashing a photo on the wall. He said he was sick of waking up to a picture of me and David LaChapelle every day.

“But it wasn’t me and David — it was Marilyn Monroe and Bert Stern,” she wrote.


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