Pastor Reveals How Melania Trump Removed Spirit Of Obama’s Failure From White House

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President Donald Trump has shown more public support for Christianity than even his Christian voters imagined.

He holds frequent Bible studies and prayer gatherings at the White House and while those have been widely reported, this new bombshell by evangelical Pastor, Paul Begley, has DC talking.

According to CNSNews Pastor Begley said,

“I have to say, when the president allowed 40 pastors to come in to the White House and anoint him with oil and lay their hands and pray on him—seven times he’s done this—that is unheard of,” Begley said. “We haven’t ever – the guy’s got flaws, we all do. But at least he is humble enough and recognizing that he needs God enough that he keeps bringing them in for the prayer.”

“And I’ve got to say this, it might have started with the first lady,” said Begley.  “I’m just being honest with you.”

Correct. Trump has embraced his faith and it shows. Trump is humble enough to know he may not have all the answers and he seeks guidance from experts of all stripes.

Begley continued:

“The first lady, in that five hours when the Obamas and the Trumps went down to the Capitol and Trump was being sworn in as the 45th president of the United States,” Begley claimed, “Melania Trump said to her husband – she said,  ‘I’m not going to go into that White House unless it has been completely exorcised.’”

“There were people in there packing up every idol. The only thing that was left, Sheila, was one cross on one wall. They cleansed the White House. They had people in there anointing it with oil and praying everywhere. This was a major spiritual – it might sound like overdoing it, a little excessive, but you’ve got to take the seat of authority when you go into spiritual warfare. You start with the spiritual authority and then it goes on from there out. I think that that might have been where this whole thing began, in a mighty way of exorcising the demons.”

America is back and better than ever and the past failures of the Obama’s, the Bush’s, and the Clinton’s are a thing of the past.

And if the spiritual cleanse did it, so much for the better.


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